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Lancaster, PA Suspension & Steering

GMK Mechanical provides comprehensive mechanical steering and suspension services for commercial and construction equipment. Our experienced team of technicians can diagnose, repair, and maintain all types of steering and suspension systems, including hydraulic, electric, and mechanical systems. We specialize in providing repair and maintenance services for heavy equipment such as forklifts, excavators, skid loaders, and other large equipment. Our technicians are highly trained to provide a variety of services, including wheel alignment, steering adjustment, suspension alignment, and more. We use only the highest quality parts, tools, and equipment to ensure the best results for our customers.

Looking for Suspension & Steering in Lancaster, PA? Contact GMK Mechanical for all your heavy equipment and commercial vehicle repair services.

Steering and Suspension FAQ

How Does Steering and Suspension Work?

GMK Mechanical provides full service for steering and suspension needs. Steering is the system that enables a driver to turn the vehicle in the desired direction. It is a mechanical system consisting of a steering wheel, a steering column, and a steering rack. The suspension system is designed to absorb the shocks and vibrations of the road to provide a comfortable ride. It is composed of several components, such as springs, shock absorbers, control arms, and struts. Properly functioning steering and suspension systems are essential for a safe and comfortable ride. To ensure a safe and comfortable drive, it is important to get periodic steering and suspension service from a qualified mechanic. GMK Mechanical can inspect, diagnose, and repair any problems with your steering and suspension systems.

Common Steering and Suspension Issues

Worn ball joints? Need grease? Riding smooth? Lets check it out.

Lancaster, PA Suspension & Steering - GMK Mechanical Steering and suspension systems are some of the most important components of a vehicle, and they play an integral role in providing a safe and comfortable ride. Unfortunately, these systems can also be prone to a variety of issues, ranging from minor inconveniences to serious safety concerns. Common steering and suspension issues include loose or worn steering components, alignment problems, worn shocks or struts, broken springs, and worn ball joints. Loose or worn steering components can make it difficult to maintain control of the vehicle. Alignment problems can cause excessive tire wear and a variety of handling issues. Worn shocks and struts can lead to a bumpy, uncomfortable ride, while broken springs can cause a vehicle to sag or become uneven. Worn ball joints can create steering irregularities, such as an inability to turn the wheel or a feeling of looseness when driving. GMK Mechanical can help you diagnose these issues. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, contact us so we can assist you.

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Steering and Suspension Repair Overview

Reliable, cost-effective steering and suspension solutions.

At GMK Mechanical, our team of experienced mechanics is dedicated to providing the highest quality repairs and maintenance services possible. Our services include suspension and steering repairs, alignment, wheel balancing, wheel bearing replacement, shock absorber replacement, and more. We have the latest tools and equipment to ensure your vehicle is repaired and maintained to the highest standard. We also offer mobile services for your convenience. With our superior knowledge and expertise, our repairs will be done correctly and promptly. Furthermore, we provide a warranty on all parts and services that we provide. At GMK Mechanical, our goal is to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions that keep your equipment running at peak performance. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service possible and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services or products.

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