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Lancaster, PA HVAC & Radiators

GMK Mechanical can repair and replace all types of radiators and HVAC systems. We provide quality repairs at competitive prices and provide quality service. We specialize in repairing and servicing all brands of radiators, HVAC systems, and air conditioning units. We also offer maintenance services, such as regularly scheduled check-ups, to ensure your equipment is running smoothly and efficiently. We also offer mobile services. Our technicians can troubleshoot and diagnose any radiator or HVAC issue to get your equipment back up and running quickly. Whether you need a new radiator or HVAC system, or just a repair or replacement, our team can help. We have a wide selection of replacement parts and accessories available to get the job done right. With GMK Mechanical, you can rest assured that your equipment will be running at peak performance.

Looking for HVAC & Radiators in Lancaster, PA? Contact GMK Mechanical for all your heavy equipment and commercial vehicle repair services.

HVAC System Warning Signs

Symptoms of a Malfunctioning HVAC System

The HVAC system in vehicles is an integral part of the car’s climate control system. It ensures a comfortable environment inside the vehicle by de-humidifying the air, providing proper ventilation, and clearing fogged windshields. Besides de-humidifying, it also contains, seals, and circulates refrigerant, lubricant, and coolant. However, just like any other vehicle component, the HVAC system may malfunction and cause various issues. Common symptoms of a malfunctioning HVAC system include improper vent air temperature, low or no vent airflow, and smell or fogging of the windshield during defroster operation. You may also hear growling, grinding, or squealing noises during A/C or heater operation. The best way to fix these issues is to bring your vehicle to GMK Mechanical for a thorough inspection of the HVAC system. We will check for any leaks or faulty components and replace them if needed. Furthermore, we can also check the refrigerant, lubricant, and coolant levels and top them off if needed.

Radiator Diagnosis and Repair

What's our process for diagnosis and repair?

Lancaster, PA HVAC & Radiators - GMK Mechanical Radiator diagnosis and repair is an important part of keeping heavy equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Radiators are responsible for cooling engines and other components that generate excessive heat during operation. Without proper diagnosis and repair, these components can overheat and cause serious damage. To diagnose and repair radiators, our technicians first inspect the cooling system for any physical damages or leaks. It is also important to check the coolant level and condition, as low or dirty coolant can cause the radiator to overheat. Then we will look for any blockages in the radiator, such as a clogged tube, which can reduce the radiator's efficiency and cause it to overheat. If any blockages are found, they must be removed and the radiator flushed. After the blockages are cleared, we can inspect for any other potential problems, such as faulty seals or a broken fan. If any of these issues are discovered, they must be repaired or replaced before the radiator can be put back into service. Finally, our technicians will check the system's pressure to ensure the radiator is properly pressurized and that the coolant is flowing correctly. Once the radiator is diagnosed and repaired, the entire system will be tested to make sure it is working properly and that all components are operating at the correct temperature.

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