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Lancaster, PA Diagnostics & Tuning

GMK Mechanical provides exceptional diagnostics and tuning services for commercial and construction equipment both in our shop and at your location. Our team of highly experienced technicians is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to quickly identify and resolve any mechanical issues. We specialize in a variety of services from oil change and filter replacement to major engine repairs. We also provide preventive maintenance services to ensure that your machine is running efficiently and that any potential issues are addressed before they become serious problems. With our experienced staff and top-of-the-line diagnostic tools and techniques, we are confident that we will exceed your expectations and get your machine back up and running in no time.

Looking for Diagnostics & Tuning in Lancaster, PA? Contact GMK Mechanical for all your heavy equipment and commercial vehicle repair services.

Tune-Up Warning Signs

Signs That Your Heavy Equipment Needs a Tune-Up

Heavy equipment, such as skid loaders, telehandlers, and forklifts, are essential tools for any construction or industrial job. They are built to last, but like any machine, they require regular maintenance and tune-ups to ensure that they are performing at their highest potential. There are a few signs that can indicate that your heavy equipment needs a tune-up. Poor performance, an increase in fuel consumption, loud and strange noises coming from the engine, or a decrease in the engine's power output can all be indicators of a problem. In addition, visible signs of wear and tear, such as a dirty air filter, oil leaking from the engine, or loose or corroded parts, can also be telltale signs that a tune-up is necessary. If you notice any of these signs, be sure to bring your heavy equipment to GMK Mechanical for service as soon as possible.

Diagnostics & Tuning FAQ

What’s Included in a Full Engine Diagnostic?

Lancaster, PA Diagnostics & Tuning - GMK Mechanical A full engine diagnostic is an important part of maintaining your equipment. It is a comprehensive check of the engine's performance, and it is important to have this done regularly in order to ensure that the engine is running correctly and to identify any potential problems. A full engine diagnostic will check the overall condition of the engine and its components, including spark plugs, filters, and other parts. It will also check for any signs of wear and tear and any signs of problems that may require further investigation. The diagnostic will also check the fuel system, ignition system, and other related components. After the diagnostic is complete, GMK Mechanical can make recommendations for repairs or adjustments, if necessary. A full engine diagnostic is an important part of keeping your equipment running at its best.

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Diagnostics & Tuning FAQ

What’s Included in a Full Engine Tune-up?

An engine tune-up consists of a variety of services designed to improve engine performance, reduce emissions, and improve fuel economy. Typically, this involves tasks like spark plug replacement, air filter replacement, and adjustments to the carburetor or fuel injection system. Additionally, the spark plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor are examined and replaced as needed. Visual assessments of belts, hoses, and other engine components may also be conducted, while the engine oil and filter could be changed. Lastly, the engine may require timing adjustments for peak performance. An engine tune-up contributes to enhancing your equipment's performance, ensuring its smooth and efficient operation.

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